Post-doc researcher

                       Daniel Walsh, PhD

Daniel Walsh joined the Polinequal Team after completing a PhD at King’s College London and leading applied design research programs. He is a social psychologist whose work focuses on public understanding. He specialises in qualitative and mixed-methods research and is especially interested in the non-conscious relationshipsbetween social history, identity, embodiment and context. In parallel to his academic research, he has led social and behavioural change communications programs,with a focus on digital technologies and research design.

At Polinequal, he is excited to explore sense-making concerning economic inequality qualitatively in alternative national contexts. This will involve close attention to the communication patterns, including elite and media discourses, which situate everyday thinking about economic inequality.

Educational Background

2022: PhD. Psychology, King’s College London

2018: MPhil. Social & Developmental Psychology, University of Cambridge

2017: BA. Psychological & Behavioural Sciences, University of Cambridge

Professional Work Experience