Members of the POLINEQUAL team have presented their results of WP1 (online focus group discussions in three countries) at International Society of Political Psychology 2022 Annual Meeting in Athens, Greece, in July 2022 :

Exploring representations of economic inequality in three welfare states: 

The case of France,  Great Britain and Sweden

Download the presentation (by Charlotte Beaudoin and Sonja Zmerli)

Download the conference paper (co-authored by Sonja Zmerli and Charlotte Beaudoin)

Sonja Zmerli has also presented the first Swedish WP1 results at the 5th Nordic Challenges Conference “Nordic Neighbourhoods: Affinity and Distinction in the Baltic Sea Region and Beyond” in Stockholm, Sweden, in June 2022 :

Representations of economic inequality in Sweden: 

Exploring cues, signals and shortcuts at different levels of personal proximity 

Download the presentation (by Sonja Zmerli)

Sonja Zmerli has presented the first French WP1 results at In_equality Conference 2022 in Konstanz, Germany, in April 2022 : 

How Media Frames of Economic Inequality Affect Political and Social Attitudes

Download the presentation (by Sonja Zmerli)