Educational Background

2018-2020: Masters in Global Health, Gothenburg University: Thesis title – Migrant and refugee health on the policy margins- The need to improve the systematic and continuous monitoring and reporting on heath and social determinants of health.

2015 – 2018: Public health science with health economics, Gothenburg University

Methods Training

2021: “Questionnaire construction, observation & interview techniques, statistics and qualitative analytical methods” and “Scientific perspectives and research design”, Umeå University

2019: Biostatistics – Data collection and analysis with SPSS & Stata, Gothenburg University


2022: European Research Centre (ERC), 15 years anniversary of European research hosted by ERC.

2021: Attended the World Inequality Conference 2021 hosted by the World Inequality Lab & at the Paris School of Economics.

2019: Attended International cooperations event held by the Swedish ministry of foreign affairs (Utrikesdepartment) in Stockholm, 2019.

2019: Attended the Sustainable Development Goals conference with a focus on Re-thinking Higher Education Conference 2019 at Karolinska Institute in Stockholm.

2019: Attended the UN City (Copenhagen) United Nations Development Program presentation of UNDP policies and work organised by UN City.

2019: Organised and attended the Swedish Network for International Health (SNIH) 2019 in Lund, annually organised by Swedish universities.

Responsibilities and Positions Held

2018-: Polling associate: EU Parliamentary and Swedish elections.

2021: Thesis supervisor: Health Sciences – University of Skövde

2019-2020: Member of Parliament: Sahlgrenska Academy student council (SAKS).
2019- 2020: Treasurer: ISPOR: The International Society for Pharmacoeconomics and Outcomes Research

2019-2020: Chairperson: Educational council for global and public health– Gothenburg University, Sweden.

2018-2020: Representative: Global health masters student council – Gothenburg University, Sweden.

2018-2019: Treasurer: Swedish Network for International Health.

2019: Events organiser: Sustainable Development Goals- Rethinking higher education conference, 2019: Swedish Network for International Health conference